College Students

Being a college student is hard work! Many college students are balancing both work and college. Here you will find real practical gift ideas for the college student in your life! (Written by someone who survived college)

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Low-Budget Gift Ideas

College is usually expensive, but gifts for your college students don’t have to be! Browse some low-Budget listings below! Click on any of the pictures to see more!

Under $10 – Today’s Plan of Attack

Under $10 – To Do Planner

Under $10 – This Week To Do List

Must Have – School Supplies

Every semester college students find themselves needing to restock these items! Lost pens, used-up note pads, school binders falling apart… it’s a real problem! Take a load off of your college student by making a little “Back to School” Kit with some of the items below! Click on any of the pictures to see more!

Under $5 – Pens

From $2-$7 – 100p Notebook

Under $4 – Mechanical Pencils

From $5-$9 – Three Ring Binder

Under $5 – Highlighters

Under $15 – Notebook Paper


If you have a college student that you spend time with, then you know what goes into being successful in college. One of the things that make a big difference is having reliable electronics! Here are some items you can shop through with the most useful electronics for your college student! Click the pictures to shop!

Under 1k – MacBook Air

Under $200 – Chromebook 64g

Under $40 – 32GB Digital Recorder

Under $60 -Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

$900-$1.2k – Lenovo ThinkPad 1T

Under $100 – Fire HD 8 Tablet

Under $150 – TI Calculator

Under $30 – TOZO Bluetooth Earbuds

Under 1k – Dell InfinityEdge Laptop

Under $40 – Portable Charger x2

Under $130 – TI-84+ Calculator

Under $20 – Ear Buds with Mic


College students need to eat, but it can be hard to plan the time for full meals. Here are some great snack options for the college students in your life! Make sure to check if they have any allergies before buying! These snacks are all made to last! Click on any of the pictures to see more!

Under $10 – Cracker Variety Pack

Under $16 – Nutella Minis

Under $10 – Nutri-Grain Bars

Under $15 – Luna Bars x12

Under $10 – Assorted Granola Bars

Under $16 – Cookies and More

Under $20 – Beef Jerky Pack

Under $20 – Cliff Bars x16

Under $11 – SmartPop 40 Bags

Under $16 – Skippy Natural Minis

Under $10 – Beef Jerky Family Size

Under $25 – Glutenfree + Vegan

Microwave Meals

It’s hard to find time for food, and as @afterhourswithamanda once said, “Fed is Best”. While we try to find the healthiest options when we can, while in college we are often just happy to have food between classes. If you have a college student who can relate, these gifts are for them! Click on the photos to shop!

Under $15 – Campbells Soup

$7-$24 – Chef Boyardee Lunches

Under $8 – Kraft Easy Mac

$8-18 – PastaRoni pack of 12

Under $10 – Annies White Cheddar

Under $3 – Mug Cakes + Muffins

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