Pocket Pets

Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rats, and Lizards are what we consider pocket pets! We have some great gift ideas for your pets or for people you know who own these lovely little pets!

Hamsters, Mice, and Rats

Pocket Pet Playground Set

Food and Water Combo Feeder and Bonus Hamster Ball

Fully Set Small Friend Cage

Guinea Pigs

Cuddle Cave with Ears

Great Grey Wooden Home Cage

Timothy Hay Stick Snacks


Mossy Tree Trunk Water Bowl

Full-Scale Reptile Lounge

Reptile Hammock and Cage Accessories

More Great Items for your Pocket Pets

Timothy Biscuits

Fuzzy Buddy Trail Mix

Chew Sticks

Hay and Pellet Feeder

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Banana Hammock and Pineapple Cave

close up photo of hamster on hand
Photo by Juris Freidenfelds on Pexels.com